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Watch the Magic of Digital Making on! Digital Banking - Access your accounts 24 hours a day to check your balances, make transfers & loan payments, pay bills, and more. Overdraft Line-of-Credit - Link your Coastal checking accounts to an overdraft line-of-credit and never worry about overdraft fees again.

Digital Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Please check back frequently, as we will be updating these often.
Digital Banking General FAQs
Why “Digital” and not online and mobile?

We chose to refer to our system as Digital because it is no longer specific to any one device. In the past, we’ve had separate systems for online and mobile banking. Digital banking is one system and is device agnostic. Once you are enrolled in digital banking, you are able to log in from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, including our Apple and Android apps.

If I have more than one address, which ZIP code should I use?

Please use the ZIP code associated with your primary mailing address. If you aren’t sure whether we have your current contact information on file, simply log in to Online Banking, click the Self Service tab, and then the Change Address/ Phone Number link under Personal Information.

Will I need to login to online banking first, before I can use the new Digital Banking mobile application?

After the new system is live, you are able to login to either online or mobile banking immediately. You do not need to re-enroll in online banking to use the app, you can re-enroll through mobile banking directly.

How do the security features work?

The first helps you verify who we are: Your Personal Image is a security feature that lets you verify that you are logging in to our legitimate site, and not an imitation site designed by a criminal. From now on, whenever you log in, your Personal image and the name you gave it will be displayed. Once you verify that your image and name are correct, you may enter your password and access your account. If you do not see your Personal Image, do not enter your password. First, verify your User ID. If your Personal Image still does not match, contact us immediately.

After entering your password, if anything out of the ordinary is detected, we will ask you a few additional security questions to verify your identity. These are questions that you will establish, so answering them should only take a moment. However, someone trying to gain unauthorized access to your account would be stopped, even if they had your ID and password.

Additional security features are in place to detect unusual activity and prompt you to validate it. However, you won’t see these until the system learns your typical behaviors. Even then, you may never encounter them.

Which internet browsers are supported?

A browser that supports a minimum of 128-bit encryption is required. The new Digital Banking supports the two most recent versions of the following browsers: (Windows) Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome; (Mac) Safari, and Firefox. We recommend using the latest versions of these browsers, if possible. We also recommend having JavaScript & Cookies turned on.

Who do I contact if I have any additional questions?

If you have questions not answered in the FAQ, you can always click on the Account Services button, and the on the Messages tab to send us a secured message, or you can call the Member Service Center directly at 800-868-4262, option 8.

How do I view my account activity?

From the Accounts Summary page, select the account you wish to view. This will default to the last 60 days of activity of the selected account. Alternatively, you may select the Accounts tab and go to the More tab – Account Activity.

What are the pending transactions listed under my recent transactions?

A pending transaction is an approved debit transaction that has not yet posted to your account. The pending amount is deducted from your available balance but is not yet reflected in your posted transactions.

Why is my pending transaction different from the actual posted transaction amount?

One example of why your transaction amounts could differ is; at the gas pump, an initial authorization is requested prior to dispensing fuel and determining the final amount of the purchase. When you pre-pay for gasoline at the pump, the gas station doesn’t know how much gas you’re going to buy. Stations want to make sure you can afford to fill up—so they authorize holds of $50, $75, even $100, which will fall off after the gas company processes that transaction (this usually takes 2 to 3 days). Another example could be for a rental car company that will preauthorize a certain dollar amount then send the actual amount charged through to your card at a later date.

When will the pending transaction be removed from recent transactions?

The pending transaction will be removed as soon as the merchant sends through the final transaction, or 3 calendar days (whichever occurs first).

What are the pending ACH credit transactions listed under my recent transactions?

A pending ACH transaction is a notification of a credit or direct deposit that will be posted to your account on a future date. You could see these notifications up to 2 business days prior to posting.

Why is my ACH transaction pending?

Coastal can receive notification up to 2 business days prior to posting, however the funds are not received until the posting date.

How do I view my statements?

While logged in to Digital Banking, select the Accounts button and there will be an e-Docs tab from which, you may view your statements, notices, letters and tax forms. Please note, this will open up in a new window and Popup Blockers may need to be turned off.

How do I change my account nicknames?

Select the account you would like to change from the Accounts Summary page. The change field will be on the left hand side in the Account Details section.

How can I download transactions to a spreadsheet?

While viewing the Account Activity for the account you wish to download, there is an option below the filters for search that states “Download For: Spreadsheet”

How can I download transactions for Quicken or QuickBooks?

While viewing the Accounts button, you will need to select the More tab and there will be a link for “Download Transactions”.

How can I hide accounts from view?

In the Account Services page under Solution Center, you may select Account Display Elections to hide or show previously hidden accounts. This also lets you disable certain accounts for Bill Pay.

How do I view my secured messages?

From the Account Summary page, there is a Messages box that contains how many unread message you have. You may either click this box or select the Account Services button to view the Messages tab. You can also view messages in the mobile app by opening the menu and clicking on Messages.

How do I send a secured message?

While in the messages tab, you may click the “Compose New” link in the menu bar.

How can I customize Digital Banking?

Each page in Digital Banking is customizable to your taste. Each menu bar has the ability to be rearranged on that particular page so the layout of the page may fit your preference. You may rearrange the menu bars by simply dragging and dropping. In addition, there is a gear in the top right hand corner of each page that allows you to show and hide sections of the page you do not use.

What is eZCardInfo?

eZCardInfo is Coastal's VISA Credit card information web page. Simply click on your credit card name in the accounts tab in Digital Banking to launch the eZCardInfo site.

What does error ck12 mean in bill pay?

It means your bill pay account has been inactive for 90 days and you will need to contact Member Services at 800-868-4262 to reactivate.

Login FAQs
Why are there a new set of steps when logging into the system?

We have changed the way you login to Digital Banking to better safeguard the privacy and security of your personal information and to provide you with the latest technology that includes many new features.

We have added a layer of protection. In the prior system you were using only a User ID and Password. Now the User ID and Password will be split into two separate screens and you'll use a personalized image and image name. This helps you know that you are on the secure Coastal website.

I don't recognize the URL on the password screen. How do I know I'm on a legitimate site?

Digital banking is housed on the subdomain, which you will see after entering your UserID on and then clicking through to the password screen. You'll know that you're on our site by setting up your personal image and image name, which you should see each time you log in.

What should I do if I do not recognize the personalized image or image name?

If you do not recognize the personalized image or image name do not enter your password. Please verify your User ID, and if your personalized image or image name still do not match, contact Coastal immediately at 800-868-4262.

Why won’t the system accept my user ID?

For new users after October 19, 2015, user IDs can be alphanumeric, but not completely numeric. If you are trying to use your account number, that will not work.

Why won’t the system accept my password?

Please make sure the password is between 8 and 20 characters long. It must contain at least three of the following, an upper case letter, a lower case letter, a number, and a special character. Remember, your password is case sensitive.

What information do I need to log into the system for the first time?

Please be sure to have your Coastal account number, first and last name, your social security number, date of birth, and your ZIP code.

Why won’t the system accept my answer for the security questions?

You will not be able to use the same answer more than once. Enter your answers carefully as you will need to supply the exact same answer each time you are asked the security questions.

Why was I logged out of the system?

Your session will end if there has been no activity for 20 minutes. You will receive a time-out warning pop-up message 2 minutes before the session is automatically ended.

Why am I seeing a random security image the first time I am using the new system?

First time Digital Banking users will see a random security image during the enrollment process. To select your personal image, please continue with the login process.

Why do I keep getting asked my security questions each time I log into the system?

If the system does not recognize the device you are using to access the system security questions will be required each time for entry.

How do I access the system after being locked out?

You may contact the Member Service Center at 800-868-4262, option 8, or visit your local branch.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

You may use the “Forgot Password” link on our website to reset your password.

I forgot my User ID, how can I reclaim it?

You may use the “Forgot User ID” link on our website to reclaim your User ID. After verifying your account number, name, last 4 digits of your Social Security number and your ZIP code, your User ID will be emailed to you at the address you have on file.

How do I change my password or security questions?

You can change the password and security questions by going to the User Profile tab on the website. Under Options you can click on Change Password or Setup Profile to change the security questions.

Mobile / Mobile Deposit FAQs
How do I start using Coastal’s Digital Banking mobile app?

If you own an iPhone or Android smartphone you can download the app right from your device's app store.

Do I first need to enroll in online banking and set up my password before I can use the mobile app?

Digital Banking users will need to complete a one-time setup. This can be completed on either a desktop computer or mobile device, and would only be required once. Users not currently enrolled will click on the “Register” option after downloading the Digital Banking mobile app.

Does the mobile app offer mobile check deposit?

Yes. Eligible users are able to deposit checks into your account remotely, using the Coastal Digital Banking mobile app and the camera on smartphone.

How does Mobile Check Deposit work?

Mobile Check Deposit works by using the camera on your phone to capture an image of the check. The image is processed the same way as making a deposit at a branch or at an ATM. None of the check images are stored on your phone, so you can rest assured that it is secure. Your check image is transmitted for processing and verification. Funds are credited to your account, subject to holds and verification.

Does the mobile app have the same features and functions as the desktop Digital Banking site?

The Digital Banking mobile app contains most of the same features as the desktop site. It also offers functionality not found on the desktop site, such as mobile check deposit and Tap Balances.

Can I pay bills using Coastal’s Digital Banking mobile app?

Yes, the Digital Banking mobile app supports Bill Pay. From the app, you can enroll in Bill Pay, pay bills, review scheduled payments and see your payment history. You must use the desktop version to set up or edit payees.

What is Tap Balance?

Tap Balance allows you to view the balance of your account, once setup, without logging in. After opening the app simply tap the tab above the User ID field and your real-time balance will appear. You can view your last five transactions by tapping the account name.

How do I set up/manage Tap Balance?
  1. Login to the app
  2. Tap the three horizontal bars in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select "Solution Center"
  4. Select "Manage Tap Balances"
Where do I find my and change my mobile settings?

Settings such as "Change Password", "Change Email Address", "Change Address and Phone Number" etc. can all be found under the "Solution Center" on the mobile app. To find the "Solution Center", just login to the app, tap the three horizontal bars at the top of the screen, and scroll down until you see "Solution Center". Then, make whatever changes you deem necessary.

Alerts FAQs
Which Alerts are available?

You can choose from a wide range of enhanced alerts, including transaction and security alerts.

  • Balance Alert – Receive an alert when your balance drops below or exceeds a threshold amount.
  • Daily Balance Alert – Receive an alert with your account balance daily at a time you choose. 
  • Transaction Alert – Receive an alert for any or all of the following transactions: Debit card purchase, Payment, Fee, Deposit, or Withdrawal.
  • Check Cleared Alert
  • Loan Due Alert – Receive an alert when your loan approaches its due date.  You may even set up periodic reminders until the payment is made.
  • Reminder Alert
Will alerts transfer to the new Digital Banking system?

No. You will need to re-enroll in alerts in the new system; but there will also be more alerts from which to choose.

Why should I enroll for alerts?

Account alerts help you manage and protect your accounts by alerting you to activity in your account.

What are Reminder Alerts?

You will have the ability to set an alert to send yourself a personal reminder message at the date and time of your choice. For example: birthday, anniversaries, appointments, etc.

What time will I receive my alerts?

Alerts are near real time and will be sent roughly within 30 minutes.

How do I enroll for alerts?

Follow these easy steps:

  • Log into Digital Banking
  • Select the Accounts Services icon.
  • Select the Alerts tab
  • Select which alert(s) you want to subscribe to, and complete the necessary fields
How can I use alerts to help monitor my account against fraudulent transactions?

By enrolling in the “Transaction Alert” you will be notified whenever a transaction is posted on your account, helping you monitor all activity as it happens, in near-real-time.

Payments FAQ
What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a service that allows you to schedule and manage payments to virtually any business, including your monthly bills, or companies that you only have to pay once. If the payee accepts electronic payments, we can pay them automatically. If not, we’ll take care of issuing a check for you.

Can I use Bill Pay on the mobile app?

Yes. You can use the mobile app to schedule conveniently schedule one time and recurring bill payments for your existing payees and review processed and pending payments. You can also cancel scheduled payments.

Is there a fee for using Bill Pay?

No, Bill Pay is a standard service that is free to all Coastal members. Expedited payments are also available, but fees do apply for this service.

How do I enroll in Bill Pay?
  • Log in to Digital Banking and select the Bill Pay icon.
  • Review and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Bill Pay will then provide you with a set of prompts to walk you through setting up a payee and making your first payment.

Note: there is a Help Center inside of Bill Pay with information specific to Bill Pay.

Will the payments showing in the scheduled payments section already be deducted from my balance?

No, these payments have not yet been deducted from your balance. The payments will be deducted once the payment is processed.

Can payments showing in the scheduled section be deleted?

Yes, you are able to edit or delete any payments in the Scheduled payment section.

Can I schedule recurring bill payments?

Yes. When you are scheduling payments there is a “Frequency” drop down box that will allow you to choose either a One time payment or one of the following recurring options: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semimonthly, Every 4 Weeks or Monthly.

When setting up a payment a date auto-populates in the Deliver By field. Do I have to use this date?

No, you do not have to use this date. The date that populates is defaulted to display the earliest delivery date available. You can select a different date using the calendar.

Person-To-Person FAQs
How does Person-To-Person - Powered by PayPal work?

It’s simple. Log in to your Coastal account from your computer or mobile device. Provide the payment amount along with the recipient’s name and email address or mobile phone number. Money is taken from your Coastal account. PayPal notifies the recipient that the money is ready. To access the money, the recipient signs in to their PayPal account. Recipients without PayPal accounts can quickly sign up for one to receive their money.

Do I need a PayPal account to send money with Coastal?

No, you don’t need a PayPal account to send money.

Does the person I’m sending money to need to have a Coastal account?

No, the person receiving money doesn’t need to be a member of Coastal. However, the recipient will need a PayPal account (or must sign up for a PayPal account if one does not exist) to access the money.

Does the person I’m sending money to need a PayPal account?

You can send money to almost anyone anywhere around the globe, anytime – even to someone without a PayPal account. However, to access the money, the recipient must have a PayPal account. When PayPal notifies the recipient that money has been sent, simple instructions on how to open a PayPal account are also included. That way the recipient can quickly open an account if one does not already exist.

How do recipients actually get the money?

PayPal account holders receive money directly into their PayPal accounts. If recipients do not have a PayPal account, they simply open a PayPal account and link it with an email address or mobile phone number. Then, when recipients log in to PayPal, they can spend the money online at any merchant that accepts PayPal, transfer the money to an account at another financial institution or request a check (fee applies for check requests).

Can anyone use Person-To-Person from Coastal?

You must have a Coastal account to send money with this service.

Will recipients be able to see my Coastal account information?

No, recipients only see that you have sent money to them. Your financial information is secure. PayPal uses the highest levels of data encryption available and meets or exceeds all Payment Card Industry compliance standards for data protection.

What happens if I send money, but the recipient doesn’t get it?

If the email address or mobile phone number entered for the recipient is registered to a PayPal account, the funds will be transferred immediately. You are responsible for entering the correct email address or mobile phone number for the recipient. If you type in an incorrect email address or mobile phone number, the payment can be canceled as long as the payment has not been claimed on the PayPal system. Once the payment is claimed, it cannot be canceled.

How long does it take the recipient to get the money?

Recipients are notified right away that they’ve received money. The funds transfer quickly to the recipient’s PayPal account. Recipients without PayPal accounts are prompted to set one up. Once the account setup is complete, the funds will appear. Then the recipient can transfer the funds to an account at another financial institution. While funds are transferred right away, it can take up to three business days for the funds to post to the recipient’s other account.

How much does it cost to use Person-To-Person with Coastal?

It costs nothing to send money with Coastal. The amount you send is debited from your Coastal account. If you send money to family or friends, they don’t pay anything to accept the money. If you send money to a small business for goods or services, PayPal charges the business a fee to accept the money.

What happens to unclaimed payments?

If the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number is not associated with a PayPal account and the recipient does not link it to an existing PayPal account or open a new PayPal account within 30 days, PayPal will return the unclaimed payment to Coastal. Coastal will process a payment return and return the money to your account.

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