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Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the surprise VIP Member Loan Rebate Dividend letter I received today. I love receiving free money.

- Sandra S
Member Since 1999
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VIP Program Dividends

VIP Program Dividends

VIP members who earn a Loan Rebate Dividend or a Deposit Bonus Dividend receive a special payout into their Primary Savings Account.It is possible to receive both dividends.

Payouts are tiered and based on your business with us in 2015.

Loan Rebate Dividend

Loan Rebate Dividends are based upon total loan interest paid.They are calculated as the sum of the monthly interest paid,not accrued,on all loans(non-business)listed under a single membership number for the calendar year 2015.

2015 Loan Rebate Dividend*
Total Loan Interest PaidLoan Rebate Dividend

Deposit Bonus Dividend

Deposit Bonus Dividends are based upon year-end average daily balance.They are calculated as the average of the month-end average daily balances of all shares(non-business)listed under a single membership number for the calendar year 2015.

2015 Deposit Bonus Dividend*
Year End Average Daily BalanceDeposit Bonus Dividend

Only Coastal deposits count toward Average Deposit Balances.Wealth Management assets under management do not count.Business Accounts,Custodial Accounts,and Trust Accounts are not eligible.

*Deposit Bonus and Loan Rebate Dividend tiers and amounts are proposed and subject to change. Dividends are subject to final approval by the board of directors in January 2016, and will be dependent upon Coastal’s overall financial performance for year-end 2015