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Frequently Asked Questions

Login to Digital Banking and from Account Summary tab, select the account you wish to view. Once on the product page, go to the Account Details section on the left side and select "Show Full (ACH)" next to Account Number.

Coastal is required to have your address standardized to the United States Postal Service.  If their records indicate a difference, the information will be updated accordingly.  If the address is correct, please contact the USPS as other mail may also be routed to that address.

We use your information for marketing purposes with our affiliates and joint marketing partners. We do not share with nonaffiliated marketing partners. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy.



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1. APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is variable, and is subject to change after the account is opened. APY is accurate as of the last dividend declaration date. $100 is needed to open an account. Minimum balance required to earn APY is $0.01. Premium Tier and Standard Tier rate are applied to daily average balances up to $10,000. Base Tier rate will apply to the portion of the balance exceeding $10,000. For more details, see the Truth-In-Savings Disclosure and Rate Table. Fees may reduce earnings. Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. There is a limit of one Go Green Checking account and one Go Green Money Market account per Social Security number.

2. All applicants must meet underwriting criteria. Loan or line amount may be less than 100% of your home's combined loan-to-value. To calculate your combined loan-to-value (CLTV), first establish the value of your home and the amount of any outstanding mortgage(s) you have on the property. Dividing the mortgage total by the home value is your loan-to-value (LTV). Your room to borrow is the amount you can add to your debt without going over your maximum CLTV. For example, if you have a $100,000 mortgage on a home that is worth $200,000, your LTV is 50%. If your lender is offering you a CLTV of 80%, that means you could borrow as much as $60,000, since ($100,000+$60,000)/$200,000 = 80%.

3. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Oldest vehicle Coastal will finance is a 2009 model. Your rate may vary and is determined by your credit qualifications, amount financed, collateral, and loan terms. Other rates and terms available. All rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Existing Coastal Credit Union auto loans are not eligible. Interest accrues daily. All loans are subject to approval.

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