Make a Payment

Convenient options make loan repayment a snap.

It’s easy to arrange for automatic payments from your checking account

At Coastal Credit Union, we go out of our way to make paying loans efficient and straight-forward. Because our neighbors have different lifestyles and comfort levels in handling money, we accept loan repayment in a variety of ways.

Not only can you easily track your progress in paying off your loan, but you can also keep tabs on your other accounts. Here are the ways you can easily make payments at Coastal: 

Make Payments In Person

  • Visit a local Coastal branch between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. seven days a week to make payments in person, or let a representative help you set up an automatic payment

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Make Payments Online

  • Register and log into Coastal’s Digital Banking to schedule automatic payments from your account at Coastal or another institution

  • You can also make payments by downloading our mobile app*

  • For a $5 fee, you can make a payment through Speedpay. This service is available for debit cards, automatic drafts from your checking account or ACH payments, Discover® and MasterCard® credit cards only
  • Call 800-868-4262 and choose option 0 (zero); the fee for this service is $5

Send Your Payments In The Mail

The PO Box for mailed loan payments and deposits has changed. To avoid any delay in your account being credited, please begin using the new address. 

  • Write a check and send it to: Coastal Credit Union, Attn: Payments, PO Box 986533, Boston, MA 02298-6533
  • Mail your credit card payments to: Coastal Credit Union, P.O. Box 37035, Boone, IA 50037-0035 

Frequently Asked Questions

If it is an electronic (ACH) payment, the money will be removed from your account on the Send Date. If the payment is sent as a paper check, the money will be removed from your account when your biller deposits the check. Make sure you keep enough money in your account to cover the check whenever your biller deposits it.
When you make a check payment in Bill Pay, we create a check as if you had written it yourself, and it’s treated just like any other check. Make sure you keep enough money in your account to cover the check whenever your biller deposits it.
The estimated delivery time will display when you request to submit a payment.

If the biller is setup for electronic (ACH) payments, they should receive the payment in one (1) business day (if submitted before 5:00 p.m.). If the biller is not setup for electronic payments, we will send a paper check, which the biller will typically receive in three (3) to five (5) business days.
On the Payments tab, you can see the Send and Estimated Delivery date. If you expand the Transaction, you can view the status and tracking information.
Some billers are not set up for electronic (ACH) payments within the Bill Pay network. The list of electronic billers will grow over time as our Bill Pay provider continuously works with billers to bring them into the network.

*The Coastal app is free to download, data and other wireless carrier charges may apply

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