Coastal Credit Union Foundation

Our mission is to uplift our neighbors and communities.

The Coastal Credit Union Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Credit Union, built as a separate entity, with its own board of directors. The Coastal Credit Union Foundation has a mission to enrich the lives of our members in the communities we serve by providing financial support to 501c(3) organizations in the 16 counties in North Carolina that Coastal Credit Union serves.

The Foundation’s priorities are to:

  • Promote Financial Well-being
  • Support Affordable Housing
  • Improve Access to Resources

The Requirements for Grant Submissions:

We support worthy causes in our North Carolina communities, focusing on the Central North Carolina counties the Credit Union serves. As a grant-awarding Foundation, we identify submissions of the highest quality when supporting organizations in our focus areas.

  • To be eligible, applicant must be a 501c(3) organization listed with the IRS
  • Grants are made for specific projects or programs
  • The grant application is online and must be submitted with required documents when invited to apply from Foundation staff
  • Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis for funding, contact will be made with the contact listed on the grant application
  • Volunteer opportunities for Coastal Credit Union employees is optional, but is something we like to offer Coastal Employees

Coastal Credit Union Foundation Highlights

  • Up to $1 Million grants Annually
  • Making impact in organizations that support our members and communities
  • Creating volunteer opportunities for Coastal Credit Union Employees
  • Partnering for financial education with organizations to create financial well-being
  • Making a difference with the Power of the Penny, each swipe of a Coastal Credit Union Card provides funding for the Foundation
  • Check out more on our Community Impact Reports

Become a Member of Our Foundation Community

As a member, you'll be at the heart of our philanthropic journey, staying informed about our grant applications, celebrating grant awards, and participating in our funding decisions for nonprofit organizations. Membership is complimentary and grants you lifetime access to our community.

By joining, you unlock exclusive benefits and opportunities to contribute to meaningful change. Our members are an integral part of our foundation, dedicated to driving financial well-being, supporting affordable housing, and improving resource access across Central North Carolina.

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  • Join us in our mission to uplift neighbors and communities across Central North Carolina. Your donation to the Coastal Credit Union Foundation empowers us to extend more support to 501(c)(3) organizations that promote financial well-being, support affordable housing, and improve access to essential resources. Every contribution helps us make a significant impact through grants and partnerships aimed at creating a stronger, more resilient community.
  • Donate now to be a part of our journey toward a brighter future for all. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of our members and the wider community.

Coastal Credit Union Foundation FAQs

All grant requests are initially reviewed to ensure that the request meets all of our submission requirements. Complete grant requests are then sent to the board of directors for consideration. The board reviews each request and makes a decision based on a set of criteria that includes how well it matches our mission and focus, and what impact it will have in the community.
Each time members use their Coastal Debit or Credit Card, Coastal takes a penny from the fee we receive from the merchant, and donates it to the Foundation. It may seem like a small amount, but all those pennies add up to more than $300,000 a year to help our community.
No. Coastal also provides some direct contributions to organizations in the community. These are typically smaller requests, or sponsorships that don't fit the Foundation's mission. Additionally, Coastal employees reported generously contributing more than $235,000 and 2,400 hours of their own time last year.
Grant requests are accepted at any time, and are reviewed at quarterly meetings of the Foundation's board of directors. However, there is no guarantee that a grant will be made at every meeting.
Grant requests are reviewed at quarterly meetings of the Coastal Credit Union Foundation's board of directors. Please allow at least 90 days for consideration.

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