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Credit unions have a history of being the best auto lenders in the world. Coastal is no different. In fact, here’s how Coastal helps you bank better with Auto loans:

  • Auto Refinance Guarantee: we’re so confident in our product, we have a guarantee around it. If we can’t save you $100 per month on your auto loan payment, we’ll give you $200 on the refinance you fund with Coastal1
  • 45 Days2 to first payment: perfect option to save your hard earned paycheck
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty: it doesn’t make any sense to penalize you for paying off a loan early…so we don’t!

Auto Loan Rates


Up to 48 months
APR3 as low as

49 to 66 months
APR as low as

67 to 84 months
APR as low as
2023 - 2024 5.49% - 6.99% 5.99% - 7.24% 6.34% - 8.29%
2020 - 2022 5.64% - 7.09% 6.14% - 7.34% 6.49% - 8.39%
2017 - 2019 5.84% - 7.14% 6.14% - 7.39% 6.54% - 8.44%
2013 - 2016
(max term 72 mo)
6.04% - 7.34% 6.29% - 7.59% 6.69% - 7.99%
2012 & Older
(max term 66 mo)
6.19% - 7.49% 6.49% - 7.74% - Not Available -

Frequently Asked Questions

We finance new and used vehicles up to 10 years old. Certain restrictions apply for older vehicles, ask your loan officer for details.
GAP pays the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle up to the balance remaining after your auto insurance company settles your claim in the event your auto is in an accident and is declared a total loss.
Simply go to for information.
We guarantee that we will save you at least $100 on your monthly payment, if not we will pay you $200 in cash when you refinance your auto loan to Coastal!
Yes.  We can help you take the stress out of buying with AutoSMART.  Conduct online research to find the right car and determine Fair Market Value (FMV).

All Loans are subject to approval. The rates listed above are for borrowers with scores 640 or higher. Financing is available for borrowers with scores lower than 640, however, their rates may be higher depending on their score.  

1. Savings of $100 each month may not be available to all applicants. $200 will be credited to the members share/checking account between 0 and 5 days of the loan origination date.

2. 45 days to first payment as a benefit when you purchase or refinance your auto loan from another lender. Interest will continue to accrue during the 45 day no payment period.

3. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your rate may vary and is determined by your credit qualifications, amount financed, collateral, membership status and loan terms. Rates shown are for credit scores 640 or higher; however, other rates and terms available. All rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Existing Coastal Federal Credit Union and Freedom Federal Credit Union auto loans are not eligible. No additional discounts available. Interest accrues daily. For a $25,000 loan amount, a term of 48 months with a 5.49% APR fixed, the monthly payment will be $582.56. For a $25,000 loan amount, a term of 84 months with a 6.99% APR fixed, the monthly payment will be $378.26.

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