Savings Accounts

A solid start on your path to financial success

Watch your money grow in primary savings accounts and special savings accounts

Here's how Coastal's Savings Accounts could help you bank better:

  • Open a Primary Savings Account to become a member-owner of Coastal Credit Union and gain access to our full range of products and services
  • Use a Special Savings Account to pay for vacations, hobbies and holiday expenses
  • Both accounts feature low minimum deposits - start with just $25 in a Primary Savings Account and $0 in a Special Savings Account
  • Earn competitive dividend rates on your deposits
  • Enjoy more than 30,000 surcharge free ATMs* in the Triangle and beyond
  • Manage your account easily through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Telephone Banking
  • Access 22 local branches and more than 5,000 nationwide shared branch locations


Your Next Step

  • Save up for a new car
  • Get ahead with saving for your new home
  • Place money aside for your children’s college education

Travel and Explore

  • Prepare for your dream vacation
  • Put away money for various holidays and events
  • Invest in your hobbies and passions

Emergency Fund

  • Prepare for unexpected medical expenses
  • Have money stashed away for a rainy day
  • Fix repairs if your car breaks down

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Checking accounts can be opened for $0, but new members have to also open up a savings account with a minimum opening balance of $25.
Deposits are insured by National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) up to $250,000.
Yes.  The minimum deposit needed to open an account is as low as $100.
You can fund your new account by transferring money from an existing Coastal or non-Coastal account or by check at a branch location convenient to you.
To qualify for the highest rate, you must make at least 30 transactions with your linked Go Green Checking debit card.

*The first five non-Coastal ATM withdrawals during a specific month are free of charge. Every withdrawal after is charged a $2.00 non-Coastal ATM fee. There is no fee (surcharge) from the ATM owner when you use a CO-OP, CashPoints or Sheetz ATM.

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