Savings Accounts

A solid start on your path to financial success

Watch your money grow in primary savings accounts and special savings accounts

Here's how Coastal's Savings Accounts could help you bank better:

  • Open a Primary Savings Account to become a member-owner of Coastal Credit Union and gain access to our full range of products and services
  • Use a Special Savings Account to pay for vacations, hobbies and holiday expenses
  • Both accounts feature low minimum deposits - start with just $25 in a Primary Savings Account and $0 in a Special Savings Account
  • Earn competitive dividend rates on your deposits
  • Enjoy more than 30,000 surcharge free ATMs* in the Triangle and beyond
  • Manage your account easily through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Telephone Banking
  • Access 22 local branches and more than 5,000 nationwide shared branch locations


Your Next Step

  • Save up for a new car
  • Get ahead with saving for your new home
  • Place money aside for your children’s college education

Travel and Explore

  • Prepare for your dream vacation
  • Put away money for various holidays and events
  • Invest in your hobbies and passions

Emergency Fund

  • Prepare for unexpected medical expenses
  • Have money stashed away for a rainy day
  • Fix repairs if your car breaks down
Security Commitment
Security Commitment
Protect yourself from fraud and identity theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deposits are insured by National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) up to $250,000.

Yes.  The minimum deposit needed to open an account is as low as $100. 

Dividends are calculated on the average daily balance and are compounded and credited monthly. Tiered Dividend Rate based on balance and number of debit card transactions.

You can fund your new account by transferring money from an existing Coastal or non-Coastal account or by check at a branch location convenient to you.

To qualify for the highest rate, you must make at least 30 transactions with your linked Go Green Checking debit card.

*The first five non-Coastal ATM withdrawals during a specific month are free of charge. Every withdrawal after is charged a $2.00 non-Coastal ATM fee. There is no fee (surcharge) from the ATM owner when you use a CO-OP, CashPoints or Sheetz ATM.

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